Genius Funk

Review, Album & Big Interview with Sherydonna Fiona Wilson

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Genius Funk

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Genius Funk
Review, Album & Big Interview with Sherydonna Fiona Wilson


"Genius Funk" is an International Westcoast Super Group. The quartet is made of 3 classic rappers from Richmond, California, (San Francisco Bay Area), USA and an extremely talented producer of a unique G-Funk sound in Novosibirsk (New Siberia), Russia. Together, the combination is literally Richmond, Cali raps over Russian production.


▪︎ YBBI (Ya Boy Black Ice, Ya Brotha Black Ice, TravLyrics): Rapper, Graphic Designer
▪︎ Rinnessy: Rapper, Singer, Producer
▪︎ Ronald Porter: Rapper
▪︎ Breez: Producer, Graphic Designer, Rapper

YBBI's career spans 30+ years with his first single released in 1992. He is best known for his 1998 album "5.0 REASONS" which was reissued in 2008 as "5.0 REASONS 10th Anniversary". YBBI has been featured on several international collab tracks (with artists in Poland, Japan, France, Morroco and Russia). Also, YBBI has completed several international collaboration projects.

Rinnessy, a real connoisseur of Bay Area rap, is best known for his 2004 debut album "All Iz Never Said" and his 2007 sophomore album, "It Iz Whut It Iz", which features several classic artists including Mac Dre, Mac Mall, Sticman of Dead Prez, MC Eiht and Suga Free.

Breez, began as a rapper in 2000, being a founding member of the “Light Steps” group. Eventually, he shed his baggy pants, braids and microphone to focus on being a producer of fire. In 2007, he co-founded the crew "Diamond Style Productions" to sell beats on social networks. 2 years later, Breez released an instrumental album entitled "Rhythm-o-holik". Also, along with two friends, he produced "N.A.T.E.", a tribute to the classic Westcoast artist Nate Dogg (R.I.P), which was released in 2012.

Ronald Porter is a founding member of the classic rap group "Societiez Creation". Their debut release is the 1996 album, "Hell On Earth". Since then, Ronald Porter has released two solo projects "Soldier Storys" and "Ronald Porter For President", also Ron has featured on several projects, international & domestic.


Being from the same city; Rinnessy, Ronald Porter and YBBI have known each other since the mid 1990s. Also, all three recorded at the same studio (Poorman Productions, Richmond, CA). FUN FACT: YBBI designed Rinnessy's debut album cover art.
In 2007, YBBI and Breez met on the Myspace social network. Both of them were looking to build with new people outside their respective countries. Over 10 years, Breez and YBBI worked on many songs, ultimately releasing the 2017 audiobook/soundtrack "Bay Area 2 Siberia" (BA2S) which featured Ronald Porter, Rinnessy, Rappin 4-Tay and Kokane.
Rinn, YBBI and Ron had already formed a rap group named BayTron.
The BA2S project includes a song entitled "Destination" featuring BayTron. With production by Breez, that song became the catalyst for The Genius Funk Group and albums "Genus Funk (Vol 1 & 2)" released 2021 and 2022, respectively.


The "Genius Funk" album is a Contemporary, International, Westcoast, Bay Area, G-Funk album appropriate for people age 40+ who love the 90s sound and younger folks who plan to see their great grandchildren.
The lyrics are fresh. Topics are relateable. Nobody dies. Women are respected.
Genius Funk (Vol. 1) features artists from Spain, Japan, Russia and the USA. Plus a few surprises.



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