Spectral Analysis

How to find out what quality your music is

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Spectral Analysis

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The data given here is very rough, but they can be used
So the quality of music is measured by bitrate (kbps/s). There are several common types of bitrate: 128, 192, 256, 320 kbit/s. If you do not go into details and very briefly, then each bitrate corresponds to a certain frequency slice on the spectral analysis graph:

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96 kbps - cutoff on 15000 Hz
128 kbps - cutoff on 16000 Hz
160 kbps - cutoff on 16500 - 17000 Hz
192 kbps - cutoff on 18500 - 18500 Hz
223 kbps - cutoff on 19000 Hz
256 kbps - cutoff on 19500 Hz
320 kbps - cutoff on 20000 - 20500 Hz
a typical example is 128 kbps:

a typical example is 320 kbps:

a typical example for lossless:

You can download the utility for determining spectra here

Another important moment is when you choose a track for spectral analysis, choose the composition, not the intro or skits! Because they are not indicative.
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Spectral Analysis

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